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NEW Roadnoise Running/Walking/Biking Vest

Roadnoise Vest

The New Roadnoise Long Haul has amplified speakers that sit right below, not in your ears. With the USB rechargeable amplifier/volume control for ease of use and great sound, you'll have the music you want without blocking the sounds around you. It holds the largest phones comfortably, as well as SoftFlask bottles, a hydration reservoir and many other extras.

The vest includes a USB rechargeable, Bluetooth volume control/amplifier that provides great sound even while cycling. • You control volume by pressing on the front of your vest. • Two vertical pockets in front can each carry an optional 250 ml. SoftFlask bottle, a dog leash or any other small accessory. • Two smaller pockets in front and back hold nutrition bars, gels or blinking lights. • Large back pocket to carry lightweight jacket, or an optional 1 liter hydration reservoir. • Detachable rear pocket with a large reflective patch for maximum visibility, especially while riding.

Message me for details! You can purchase on my site @

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