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A Healthier You


I will design a custom exercise program just for you, which will provide motivation, guidance and education you need to feel great and get the results you're looking for.

Personal training is for you if you are:

  • A beginner, intimidated by weight equipment and unsure of correct exercise technique

  • Experienced and training hard but not getting the results you're looking for

  • Needing to lose body fat

  • Having a hard time sticking with a program

  • Bored with your present routine

  • Injured or suffering from a medical condition


Health and Fitness Assessment


  • Weight/height/girth measurements

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • Resting blood pressure

  • Resting heart rate

  • Medical/Health history

  • Structural Analysis (muscular imbalances)

  • Functional assessment

  • Strength

  • General nutrition assessment

  • Communication with client's physicians if necessary


Program Design


  • Personally designed program based on health and fitness assessment and client's goals

  • Stress on functional fitness

  • Cardiovascular training

  • Resistance training

  • Core training

  • Flexibility

  • Balance training

  • Agility training

  • Speed training

  • Periodical re-assessment


In-Home Personal Training

There are many reasons to hire an in-home personal trainer and one of the biggest is convenience. I come to your home with all of the necessary equipment for a personalized, functional and efficient workout. Whether you are training for a marathon, recovering from a surgery, dropping the baby weight, toning up for your wedding, (I can go on and on), I will get you the results, hold you accountable and TEACH you the why and how behind every exercise in the comfort of your own home!

Personal Training (Individual)

I offer one-hour and 90-minute private personal training sessions. Please contact me for pricing.

Initial Consultation/Interview - 1 hr - FREE

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