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Who I Am

My enthusiasm for health and fitness has always been driven by the success of individuals achieving their fitness goals and improving their quality of life. I work with any age, from teens to seniors with an emphasis on proper form, strength, core and balance programs. I offer personal training that is efficient, goal oriented and safe. This means balance with muscular strength, physical endurance, nutrition, flexibility, rest and mental stimulation. I always start my job by getting all of these components back in balance, with the appropriate intensity in each category to achieve the goals set for each person. All sessions will be fun, energetic and challenging.
Many people I meet have a decent exercise regimen and know what weights will be challenging for them, but they may not push themselves through the last two or three repetitions. We, quite frankly, just get lazy when we workout on our own. I push my clients beyond what they thought their limits were. If they need to go to muscular failure on a certain exercise, I am there to coach and encourage them through those last few shaky and extremely fatigued repetitions. It pays off in the long run! My fitness model is based on attraction rather than promotion; this IS what I do and how I live! Strengthen your mind and body with nutrition and fitness for life-long results.
"Only I can change my life; no one can do it for me." - Carol Burnett


Every person is unique. We all have certain genetic predispositions, health history and different personalities. My philosophy as a personal trainer is that we all must find the right balance. I love that my job gives me the ability to change a client's outlook on exercise. One does not realize their own capabilities until they challenge themselves. You have to be uncomfortable, but at the end of your journey, you are stronger, healthier, more confident, educated and certainly proud of yourself. The human body is meant to be physically active. By incorporating exercise and proper nutrition into our lives we are able to enhance every aspect of our physical and mental well being. As a result you will have more energy to enjoy life and reduce the risk of illness and disease. Being fit and living healthy is a lifestyle.

Mental Health

Reducing "Psychological Stress" is the goal: Everyone has to deal with some form of stress whether it is work related,relationship problems, financial, etc. These are all forms of psychological stress, which play a huge factor on our well-being. The importance of finding what works for you is critical because of the effect stress can have on the body. You may have the most intense exercise program but your cortisol may be sky rocketing which will eventually backfire and cause numerous problems. The cortisol will actually give you the energy you need to get through whatever you are stressing about, however, you may not realize that it will eat muscle tissue. Cortisol will also create hormonal imbalances, which will induce signs of aging, make you gain weight, store body fat instead of burning it for fuel, and possibly make it hard for you to fall or stay asleep. Once the stimulation brought on from cortisol declines, fatigue sets in, causing you to crave caffeine and carbohydrates, which will create more highs and lows in your energy and blood sugar levels. Coffee and other stimulants people use to fight fatigue also stress the adrenals, creating more cortisol and then more fatigue. This is a vicious circle. The longer we stay stressed, the more severe our bodies are affected negatively. I believe good health and well-being would not be possible to achieve without attention to proper nutrition, good sleep habits, stress management and healthy environment – both emotional and physical. All of these stressors hugely affect all the systems in your body: nervous (nerves), musculature (muscles, joints, tendons, etc.), visceral (organs), endocrine (hormones) and limbic (emotional).


Behind every athlete is great nutrition, yet every individual has unique needs. Proper nutrient balance, adequate hydration, and an abundance of good quality proteins are imperative for athletic success. Your body metabolizes, or breaks down, food in order to fuel itself. The energy used is denoted in units called calories, and as an individual, you have specific caloric needs based on your height, weight, age and activity level. If you consume more than the needed amount, your body will store the excess as fat. Healthy eating also includes noticing the colors, smells, flavors, and textures of your food; chewing slowly; getting rid of distractions like TV or reading. Before opening the fridge or cabinet, take a breath and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Do something else, like reading or going on a short walk.
Please be aware that clients with medical conditions as well as those presenting medium to high risk according to the NASM Risk Stratification Assessment will require medical clearance prior to beginning their exercise program.
Certification #1455178 NASM, Sports Nutrition Specialist #1523323, CPR and AED.

  • Circuit Training

  • Speed & Agility

  • Weight loss

  • Nutrition

  • Personal Trainer

  • Weight Training

  • Interval Training

  • Boot Camp

  • Yoga Sculpt

  • Corporate Training - I will tailor classes around your corporate needs and perform the training on-site for your employees. Contact me for more information.

  • Running

Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

"As a professional arborist, keeping in shape is vital to my personal health and my business, but a plain work out at the gym just doesn’t hit the “full body” and cardio as thoroughly as the BodyTool LLC Boot Camp classes. These classes offered by Jacquelyn Rodgers are not only effective, they’re FUN too! Thanks Jacquelyn, your BodyTool boot camp classes are just what I’ve needed to keep my weekly work out routine fun and challenging! Love coming to class, THANKS!"

Craig S.

"The term boot camp was very intimidating for me. I pictured a drill sergeant screaming “Faster, faster!” Jacquelyn’s class is a great mix of hard work and fun. She’s encouraging and a wonderful motivator.

Tammy H.

"Jacquelyn from BodyTool Fitness came to our office twice a week and walked us through some stretches and yoga moves to help us learn to relax and loosen our muscles. When you sit at a desk all day long, it’s important to stretch and flex the muscles to stay limber and retain mobility. She did an awesome job and I would highly recommend the class to anyone. She even threw in a little meditation exercise!"

Sue H.

"I have to admit that I was intimidated to start a yoga class at 55, when walking my dogs had been my only real exercise for quite some time, but Jacquelyn encouraged me to just try. I am so very glad I did. She has such great instincts when it comes to making sure her clients are supported while still being challenged. She will give simple adjustment for injuries or weaknesses, and will gently push you through any issues you may have until one day you realize you are doing things you were not able to do just a few classes before. My balance has improved. My little aches have gone away, and I feel stronger than I have in ages. Thanks Jacquelyn, for talking me into that first class. I am hooked!"

T. T.

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